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PSN Plus 6th annivesary edition (12 MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION)

PSN Plus 6th annivesary edition (12 MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION)

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Enhance your SEN account with PlayStation®Plus! PS Plus members enjoy access to exclusive gaming features and special offers on PlayStation®Store.

PlayStation®Plus offers include:

・Free Game Downloads*: games are selected for your free download every month
・Special Offers such as exclusive discounts, early access to the newest titles* and exclusive content.
・Full Game Trial*: play a game free for up to an hour, then purchase the game to unlock your trophies and continue your progress
・Online Storage for Game Saves: Using this function, users can back up the saved data of PlayStation®4/PlayStation®3/PlayStation®Vita* contents to online storage. Users can also select whether to upload the saved data automatically or manually.
Please be kindly reminded that not all contents are covered under this service.
For detailed information, please refer to the PS Plus Webpage.
・Automatic Downloading of demos, patches and firmware updates.
・Trophy Auto-Sync: Syncing trophies automatically while auto-wakeup.

* Free Game Download and Special offers are subject to availability including age restrictions. Full Game Trial is not available for PlayStation®Vita.
* Available PlayStation® platforms are subject to availability in each region.
* For more details, please refer to official PlayStation® website.

Some subscriber content may be made available for download during limited periods only. If you do not download this subscriber content during those periods, you will not be able to download that subscriber content.

PS Plus membership renews automatically and continues until cancelled on the same day of your subscription/renewal next month, 3 month or 12 month later depending on the period of your subscription. At the end of the membership term, cost of the membership for the next term will automatically be deducted from your SEN wallet. If there are not enough funds in the wallet, your credit card will automatically be charged. For more details, please see the Terms of Service and User Agreement.